Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Evidence for Evolution...


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    Dogbert - lol. Oversimplification of evolution, and I also agree that evolution should be criticised when it becomes a matter of faith, thats why is is called the theory of evolution and not the law of evolution.

    Do theists have the same humility and state the theory of a personal God?

    Ironically, even if evolution was taken on faith (which is not my actual position - but for arguments sake) why is it that theists want to deride that faith, surely it is the result of the same behaviour as theism? Isnt it a bit faithist (like racist or sexist and not that atheists can talk in that regard ;)).

    Furthermore, if theists argue that an evolutionary biologist's (again for the sake of argument) faith in evolution is wrong then how do they discriminate between good faith (theirs) and bad faith (the biologists and not the band).

    As an atheist, my actual position is one of no faith. If I have no evidence for a hypothesis then I do not advance it, hence I do not say "there is no God" but rather, "there is no evidence for a God" or alternatively "the God you describe cannot exist because [eg - the problem of evil].

    Dogbert is right - we shouldn't have faith in things we do not know (or have evidence for) and I would postulate that includes Christian (and muslim and jewish) beliefs. [On the other hand, there is some evidence for evolution - so I won't give it up just yet].


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