Friday, August 14, 2009

Converts Debate: Christianity vs. Islam


Dr. Nabeel Qureshi vs. Paul Williams

Both these gentlemen are converts from each other's religion. Nabeel Qureshi, once a professing Muslim, is arguing for the truth of Christianity. While Paul Williams, once a professing Christian, is debating for the validity of Islam.

Opening Statements

Rebuttals, Crossfire, and Conclusions

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  1. The debate is about which religion is right.

    It is very important to carefully examine the foundations of ones life. I have done it myself and that has led me to where I am today – a faith in accordande with and proveable by science and logic.

    The universe reflects its Prime Cause – the Creator. In hundreds of years scientists has worked according to the premise that the universe is orderly and follows laws and that premise continuous to be verified. That implies that the Prime Cause is free from contradictions – perfect. The intelligent patterns (the definition of intelligence according to S.E.T.I. is non-random patterns) in this universe – for example DNA – implies that the Prime Cause is intelligent and thereby has an intelligent purpose with us.

    Thus it can never be wrong to use the utmost of our intelligence to examine the foundations of ones religion. An instruction book from the Creator can impossibly contain contradictions; if it does the book is not from the Creator.

    I hope you take the challenge and examine the foundations of your religion – if you are religious – by studying on

    Anders Branderud


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