Thursday, May 20, 2010

Evil, a Proof of God's Existence

For sure one of the most common arguments used against the existence of God is the fact that there is evil in the world. But in actuality, evil much less than being an argument against God's existence, actually proves His existence. Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Greg Koukl in this close to 3 minute video explain how this is the case.


  1. The continuing presence of evil only proves that historical religious claims can not be of God as they have not delivered on His promise and that human nature remains a prisoner to the moral limitations innate to our species. For the means to transcend those limitations and destroy evil are the same. And they are not a product of theology but of God. And when those means have been revealed, we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free!

  2. Klatu do you know the bible well? If you did you would not make these comments. No were in the bible does God promise that evil would be vanquished in the entire world through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Rather it is in individuals that are transfered from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light that we see evil defeated. It is in the Christian that we see change from a natural moral set of limitations (as you termed it) or fallen state to become able to love God and be good to mankind.

    It is through faith in Jesus Christ that this happens in individuals but there will come a day when Jesus will return to destroy evil universally and then you will see exactly what you are refering to. Just as personal change precedes society change, likewise with the Christian faith. A question though klatu - where will you be on that day, among those who enjoy life free of evil for ever or among those who are destroyed as agents of evil?

    Warm regards,

  3. Why does God have to exist for Objective Evil? I feel like people are using big words on me to trick me.
    Okay, the arguement of Evil against God says that God doesn't exist because no 'benevolent' God would allow evil in the world.

    Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Greg Koukl says that Evil has to be objective.
    I disagree.
    I see 'evil' in the world.
    I know it is evil because it causes suffering.
    Suffering causes pain
    Pain is an unpleasant experience. This is universal.
    Objectively: Pain is 'bad'.
    Therefore Suffering is 'bad'.
    Therefore Evil is objectivly wrong without the God.


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