Friday, November 19, 2010

A Muslim asks: Why can't God simply forgive sin?

Islam Crescent On 23rd July 2010, as part of the Gold Coast Operation 513 outreach, there were a few Muslims heckling the preacher, Ryan Hemelaar. One of the questions they asked was: "Why God can't simply forgive sin if someone repents? For that way, Jesus didn't have to die." Watch the follow video to hear how Ryan responds.


  1. Doesn't God have the power to forgive sins without a sacrifice?

    Ryan: Not at the expense of His justice.

    Well said!

  2. The Law demands perfect obedience. Only Christ is the perfect One who was perfectly obedient to God. Jesus always does the will of the Father, even unto death! The sacrifices were reminders of sin. The death of Christ once for all took away the sins of those who look to Him to flee the wrath to come!


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