Friday, August 29, 2008

Historical Jesus vs Historical Muhammad MP3

This is a recording of a lecture comparing the historical Jesus and the historical Muhammad. Further information from their website:

This seminar will compare and contrast the methods and results of the extensive historical work that has been done on ‘the historical Jesus’ with the somewhat less thorough scholarly exploration of 'the historical Muhammad’. Concerning Jesus it will aim to demonstrate two things: first, that what we can know about Jesus using historical criteria is much more than we can ever know about Muhammad. And second, it will demonstrate that the Jesus set forth in the Qur’an and the Muslim sources is utterly unhistorical. The seminar will help delegates to engage with the latest in New Testament Jesus-scholarship and demonstrate how it can be applied to outreach to Muslims.

Concerning Muhammad, because of the importance of Muhammad today as a paradigm for all Muslims everywhere, it is important that we look at his life and teachings, and ascertain whether or not he was a true prophet, whether he can be acknowledged as a paradigm for today, and whether there are any references to him in the previous scriptures, as so many Muslims (and the Qur’an) claim. We will also look at some of the newest historical critical work being researched on Muhammad in Europe today.

The lecturers are Andy Bannister and Jay Smith.

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