Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Book of Mormon vs. the Bible

How historically accurate is the Book of Mormon compared to the Bible? Do the places and events described in the Book of the Mormon have archaeological evidence backing them up? How does this compare to the Bible? Find out by watching this 1-hour video documentary by Living Hope Ministries.

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  1. Back again, and it seems I've missed a number of posts since my last visit to the 513.

    What I can appreciate about this video is the approach they took. Rather than argue from a theological or faith-based angle, analyzing the historical background opens the video up to any viewer. Although they did dip into a bit of apologetics in the last 15 minutes (particularly the last 5), it generally remainded rooted in secular historical findings. I really liked the idea of building a historical narrative before even considering asking questions of faith.

    While the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does have a lot of questions to answer regarding the historicity of places and events in their scripture, mainstream Christianity still has to face questions about the historicity of words and actions attributed to Jesus of Nazareth. That is, as the video acknowledges, a matter of faith - and a different discussion altogether.


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